Tropical Steel Drums

John Smith, professional steel drum player, has worked in the music industry his entire life. Growing up in Trinidad allowed him to develop an intense love for music at an early age; especially for the rich, rhythmic island sounds of soca, reggae and world beat.

His dream was to take steel drumming beyond the traditional island music, although this unforgettable music would become the major thrust of his music for many years to come. He first performed with ” The Chase Manhattan Savoys” who were sponsored by David Rockefeller. This band performed classical music entirely on the steel drums. John has mesmerized audiences all over the Southeast and abroad. He is also a talented producer, arranger, and sound engineer of live and recorded music. In addition to his musical talent, he owns and operates a state-of-the-art audio-digital and midi recording studio. John has also performed in New York, New Orleans, Florida and exotic Barbados. He has toured globally, to include countries such as Spain, France, Russia, Germany, Denmark, Panama, Argentina, Venezuela, Morocco, Italy, and throughout the Caribbean. John is presently working with other outstanding musicians, producers and songwriters in the band “Tropical steel”, that performs as a Solo, Duo, Trio ,Quartet. depending on your entertainment needs.   For booking phone:  (407)-282 1002 or (407) 415-4920


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